Hello! I'm Austin. 👋🏼

I'm interested in bridging engineering, design, and business disciplines to create meaningful products. I'm currently a Master in Design Engineering student at Harvard University learning about connected devices, data analysis, and business.

Previously, I was the Design Lead at a startup called Natalist. I was instrumental in launching and growing Natalist until it’s acquisition.

📨 austinledzian@mde.harvard.edu
👔 LinkedIn
📋 Resume (PDF)
Below is a list of courses I have taken, and plan to take, in my first year of graduate school.
Introduction to Computer Science
C, Python, HTML, computational thinking, and physical components of computers.
Introduction to Data Science
Data science techniques such as linear regression and logistic regression. Machine learning techniques such as bagging, random forest, and boosting.
Materials Selection in Design
Data-driven materials selection process by plotting material properties on Ashby plots
Design Engineering Studio
Collaborated in interdisciplinary groups to create a data visualization project and a connected device project, with functional prototypes.
Elements of Software Construction (Spring) (MIT)
Fundamental principles and techniques of software development taught using exercises and group projects.
Entrepreneurial Finance (Spring)
Finance through a startup lens, covering the lifecycle of a startup from launch to exit.
Python, C

Data analysis
Linear, polynomial, logistic regression and more; visualization with matplotlib, seaborn, and more

Machine learning
Bagging, random forest, boosting, and more

Human-centered design
User interviews, user testing, and more

Arduino, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, foam, and more

CAD and rendering
Solidworks, Keyshot, and more
I'm a twin brother, published in National Geographic, and I can make a French omlette. Let's get to know each other! Send me an email at austinledzian@mde.harvard.edu