I was instrumental in launching and growing Natalist, a women's health startup, until it’s acquisition. As Design Lead I lead the strategy and execution of all creative projects, actively collaborating with the team to ideate through a data-driven design process. As the sole designer I gained experience in industrial design, product development, strategy, and working directly with manufacturers. I helped launch 10+ products.
Courteney Salsbury, Director of Product Development
Christopher Crowley, Contract Industrial Designer
Roxana Zegan, Contract Brand Designer
Natalie Sealover, Brand and Product Designer
Dr. Elizabeth Kane, Chief Science Officer
Vernita Brown, CEO
Halle Tecco, Chief Women's Health Officer
Margaret Rogers, Director of Marketing
Strategic branding
Industrial design
Packaging design
The Sprint to Launch
Launch, investment funding, and a retail deal
Launching was a sprint. We developed a distinctive look for Natalist direct to consumer products, striking an appropriate balance of clinical and warm. I helped conduct user testing, understood costs and capabilities of manufacturers, and navigated FDA 510(k) requirements. I supported our website's development with a local creative agency, and acted as art director for photoshoots. I had to adapt often, rapidly develop new skills, and be creative with limited resources. In September 2019, we launched. Shortly after, we closed a $5 million funding round. Before the year was over we pitched to Target and were accepted into 300 pilot stores.
Defining Natalist for retail
After launch we experienced new challenges as a company, and my role changed from Industrial Designer to Design Lead to encompass all creative projects at Natalist. There was a need to strategically evolve the Natalist brand system and show how it could grow with the company. I led the development of this evolution, with special attention to  standing out on a retail shelf. Above are a few select pages from the robust 166-page brand guidelines deck.
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