Currently in Blacksburg, Virginia synthesizing my experiences in the last year at Delft University of Technology and Smart Design.


I am in the process of updating this portfolio.




I want to be of service to others in all that I do, especially in the products I make. Working with start ups gets me excited. If I am not in studio I am probably doing ceramics, taking photos of people, or making a snack. I always have a good podcast playing.


currently reading: The Uncommon Life of Common Objects and The Innovators


Key Tech Inc.

At Key Tech Austin worked with one of our major clients in the development of a new medical device. I was very impressed by his comfort and ability to help organize and lead large brainstorms, which consisted of engineers and business leaders, an intimidating task for even the most seasoned of designers. His skill to generate many different ideas in our brainstorm sessions added significant value to the project.


We are delighted that Austin’s ideas resonated so well that some of his concepts are currently on a path to production. Austin was an outstanding addition to our team over the summer, and though he is greatly missed by all those who interacted with him, we are all very excited to see how he shapes his path as a designer.


Andre Minoli, Senior Industrial Designer at Key Tech

In the summer of 2017 I joined Key Tech, a consultancy specializing in medical design. I assisted in brainstorms with multiple stakeholders, created feasible product concepts for a muti-national medical company, and presented to clients. I also worked with industrial designers and engineers to complete a self-initiated project, a capacitive ECG belt for neonatal infants.

Drew Doggett Photography

In the fall of 2015 I helped this award-winning photographer to create a series of images titled Shadows Alight: Portraits of the American West documenting 21 national and state parks celebrating the centennial of the National Parks System. I assisted with research, a two-month road trip along the western US, shooting behind-the-scenes photos, and creating a process book.


After the project concluded I was hired back to work for Drew doing strategy, service design, web design, and graphic design.

During our time traveling for the Shadows Alight project I have gotten to know Austin very well. He is self-driven and disciplined in a way that I have not seen for someone his age. He always found time to sketch for an hour a day in our cramped camper, even when we got back extremely late from hiking and carrying camera gear all day.


Austin has proven many times over to be a fast learner and talented problem-solver. He's like a Swiss Army Knife of a person, and if he doesn't know how to do it he will figure it out. He is polite, considerate, and always making us laugh. It's been a pleasure to have him on our team.


Drew Doggett, CEO

Cobble Hill Digital

Cobble Hill is an agency in Charleston, SC specializing in digital design and marketing. I worked alongside designers and developers in the summer and fall of 2015 to design, develop, and create content for Ro Sham Beaux, Goat.Sheep.Cow, Cocktail Crate, and Wildlife Workshop.

Austin Ledzian's work ethic and passion made him an excellent intern for Cobble Hill in the summer of 2015. His ability to learn in a short period of time is a testament to his talent as a curious creative. His conception of ideas for our clients and then follow-up execution of those ideas made him a phenomenal asset to our team. We expect nothing but wonderful work to pour out of him for years to come. We coined a nickname for him, Legend, that truly defines who he is as a person.

Austin Dandridge, CEO

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